It is with great expectation and excitement that the Young Men's Social Club (YMSC) Executive and Management present the 2019 Strategic Plan which provides the blueprint for re-energizing and growing the Club over the next three (3) to four (4) years. Under the command of the Strategic Planning Committee, and, after consulting with our membership and key stakeholders, we have produced a Strategic Plan with a vision and mission that is focused on the enjoyment of our members and guests and the development of a culture that facilitates and encourages members and the wider community to excel. The Strategic Plan, with YMSC's values at its core, provides goals and objectives with specific action steps focused on Infrastructure, Financial Stability, Increasing Membership and Community Outreach as prioritized by our members and key stakeholders. The Strategic Plan is the culmination of a tremendous amount of work put in by dedicated individuals eager to see YMSC grow and succeed. To our members and key stakeholders, this is your Plan. As a result, we will only fully realize the benefits of the Strategic Plan if you get involved by volunteering to serve on a committee, becoming a corporate or individual donor or by joining one of our outreach programs focused on meeting the needs of the community. Through the 2019 Strategic Plan, the YMSC recognizes the positive impact that we can have in the lives of individuals and families and, therefore, on the development and sustainability of communities. Join us as we endeavor to make a difference through sports, social engagement, education and outreach programs.

Vance Campbell

Accountability - We will be responsible for what we do and how we do it

Commitment - We are committed to work as a team to follow our plan to the best of our ability

Diversity - We will welcome all who can respect and follow the values and rules of the club

Integrity - We will uphold a good moral compass and adhere to all our values

Respect - We will respect others opinions, environment, and positions

Safety - We will create a safe environment

Excellence - We will strive for excellence in and around the club and community

Enjoyment - We will provide opportunities for all to find satisfaction in our programs, social events and education

Transparency - We will communicate with our membership and community in a timely manner

Somewhere around the 1920's a group of young black men got together at a time when black people did not really have anywhere to socialize. Due to their low income and their family commitments they did not have the money to spend in the existing clubs. This group of men would pool their money and get together for drinks and to play card game and just enjoy the company of one another. They started out in the basement of a neighbour's home and eventually decided that they would try to purchase a clubhouse. So in the 1950's they decided on a property on the corner of Angle Street & Princess Street and approached the bank for a loan. They were successful in their application and Mr. Brown and Mr. Place were amongst the names recorded on the Deeds.

They also purchased a playing field on Pitts Road called Cassarina Park , currently BGA warehouse; There was a small building on the property at Angle/Princess Street which they used as a clubhouse. In the front yard (where the Blue Diamond is currently located) the members would hold afternoon tea parties and the neighbours paid a nominal fee for sandwiches and tea and the chance to enjoy an afternoon of leisure. The club brought the men together in several ways. If one of them was building or repairing their home, they would work together to assist, not for money but for a hearty meal which would be provided by the benefactor. They could also rely on the club for financial assistance if they were in need. They were committed and honest people, men of integrity and always reimbursed the club in accordance with the repayment agreement. At the time when Mr. Clayton Richardson was the club's president in the 1950's, he encouraged many young men in the area to become a part of the club. Mr. Randolph Dickinson, Mr. Clayton Stovell and Mr. Tankard were directors of YMSC at that time. The young men would visit the club to play games, however they were governed by strict rules.

If they were under the age of 18 they were not allowed in the bar area. The young men played cricket and football in the street behind the club and the members would also play euchre. As there were no formal junior league at that time, YMSC played friendly games of football against a team from Happy Valley. . Eventually when the leagues were formed YMSC were rated the best junior football team in Bermuda . Several of their players have been chosen for the Bermuda National team over the years. They were also rated amongst the best in cricket. At that time there were A, B and C teams and they would go from Somerset to St. George's playing against different cricket teams. YMSC's cricket team also used to play friendly games against the Somerset and St. George's Cup Match teams and they even beat them at times. Mr. Richardson was instrumental in getting some of the players signed up for the annual Cup Match. YMSC was really a community club. They looked out for the young men and they were taught manners and respect by the senior club members. Even though they played their football and cricket in the street they always politely moved out of the way for traffic and passersby and were sure to use their manners in addressing seniors. Eventually the members agreed to sell the Cassarina Park and the money from the sale together with the money obtained from the tea parties and the bar allowed them to expand the club by building a new bar area and an auditorium and games room.

Because the club was designed to cater to working men the drinks were priced at a reasonable amount as they did not want to lose focus on the main reason for the formation of the club which was to have a place for the working class black man to socialize. With the building of the auditorium the members were now able to play billiard, pool and table tennis. Their teams excelled in these sports as well. They would have games nights and invited other clubs over to engage in euchre tournaments and table tennis tournaments. In order to maintain the feeling of camaraderie the club members would celebrate Christmas by doing an exchange of gifts on Christmas morning. They were encouraged to shop at the What Not Shop where they could purchase gifts costing no more than one pound. They wanted to make sure that no body's gift would outdo the other. During the exchange of gifts they would have eggnog and light refreshments and then they would leave to spend the afternoon with their respective families. Father's Day was also a time for doing things together

YMSC members would travel in cars or rent a bus and spend the day traveling from one club to another returning to their own clubhouse for a delicious lunch. In more recent times YMSC has also encouraged their young members to be the best that they can be by granting educational scholarships upon request. After some difficult times experienced by their sporting teams, they are in the process of rebuilding and revitalizing. Today the YMSC is still going strong with the same goals in mind and can boast of being amongst the most financially stable clubs in Bermuda.



Gives us a focal point for the community, visibility in the community and a place for our members to enjoy themselves and create a bridge to other partnerships.

a. To continue to develop our assets so that they enhance our mission and vision

Action Steps
  • Survey to membership for feedback on how they want The Club to better service them - Sept 2019 - Shequita
  • Preliminary plan and proposal for the The Club upgrades - Dec 2019 - Troy & Marvin
  • Create a more inviting entrances to the club - April 2020 - Troy & Vance
  • Develop of the building drawings and presentation - April 2020 - Troy & FWS
  • Upgrade plumbing and electrical of The Club - May 2022


Financial Stability

Longevity for the club and focus on corporate sponsorship

a. To maximize revenue generated from physical assets

Action Steps
  • Create a calendar of events - Dec 31, 2019 - Vance
  • Creation of two annual signature events - Vance


Increase Membership

Sustainability of the club

a. To increase membership to in excess of 200 members through a strategic marketing plan

Action Steps
  • Membership package - Raymond Sept 2019
  • Membership Drive - Yearly in March
  • Ensure membership benefits are fulfilled - Sept 2019
  • PR campaign - Feb 2020
  • Facebook/website/radio/tv


Community Outreach

Increase profile and awareness of the club and to strengthen our ties with and solidify the club’s position within the community

a. Create a personal development program generated towards adults (18 years and older) and youth ( 17 and under)

Action Steps
  • Open our facility for services and/or programs that will benefit the community ( community night) -start Jan 2020 (quarterly - Fitzgerald/Jermaine
  • Re-establish back to school events - August 2020 - Fitzgerald/Jermaine
  • Newsletters - start Oct 2019 - quarterly Fitzgerald/Jermaine
  • Information sessions -- start Nov 2019 monthly Fitzgerald/Jermaine

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